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Our April 3rd Friday Night Delights with the Swingset has proven quite fertile. Mr. and Mrs. H (@BedHoppersUK) sign off after fucking while podcasting while Tonia (@tonia_swingset) signs on.  Dylan (@DylantheThomas / @DylantheThomas@Swingset.Social), Lunabelle (@Ninjasexology) and Bradford, Angela, and Ian the Gentlemen (@BytheBiPodcast) reminisce about good times at Desire 2019 (and a desire for a 2020), the purity of Kentucky straight(?) bourbon, event organizing and people who run and produce conferences… it's a wild end to a wild night.

“We've had a lot of drinks” – Mr. H

“Shocker” – Bradford

“It's like two in the morning for us, we're doing well! We did a full interview with a couple we want to fuck and we drank a lot of drinks and we can't see anybody because of the quarantine.” – Mr. and Mrs. H

“Yeah that sucks”.  – Ian the Gentlemen

“I don't have a dad bod, I have a father figure.”

– Bradford, on putting on a little while in quarantine

“How much will you pay me to not answer that?”

– Lunabelle, to her children


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