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Hi Swingset Fans!

Dylan Theodore Thomas here,
(yes we've decided my middle name is Theodore)

Over the last six years, Life on the Swingset has grown into more than the sum of its parts. It's a podcast, it's a community, it's a podcasting network, it's a family,

One of the best parts of being here and being with you all is introducing you to new members of the family.

Shaina, known as @LoveNSausages on Twitter, is a monogamous, con brat,  happily vanilla, sex positive explorer, and a frequent visitor on /r/TrollXChromosomes on Reddit!

Magenta Prex, known as @geekymagenta on Twitter, is kinky, poly, passionate about public health sex educator and sex positive advocate, and is occasionally prone to swear words and laughter.

Tune into their podcast each week to hear stories about love and sex from guests living their dreams in a diverse sampling of all the possibilities for consensual adult relationships. Join them while they geek out about displays of relationships in different media, including shows from diverse fandoms, board games, and video games, and as they tell you...

"Don't Panic"



There are so many ways to relate, don’t panic about it! Join swinger Magenta and inquisitive Shaina podcasting from bed on sex, love, and geekery.

This week we interview Ya el. We discuss her journey into converting to Judaism and how it’s affected her love life. In addition, we learn her interesting past with Magenta, what it’s like to work in the tech field as a woman, and get into some heated discussion near the end.

Bring your towel!

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