Life on the Swingset - The Swinging & Polyamory Podcast

Cooper, Ginger, Shira, Dylan, Miko, Ophilia, and The Professor (tm) all get in one hotel room before their CatalystCon East session, hop on a couple beds, drink some wine, and have a casual conversation of how much they love each other in this episode of Life on the Swingset, The Podcast!

We discuss how consistently impressive Ginger's panty selection is, and we touch... just barely touch on some of the mail that we've received and responded to, while Dylan falls completely off his rocker and rants about religion and politics the likes of which you've never heard on this podcast. If it helps, it's surrounded by heaping amounts of sexiness, flogging, under the shirt play, plenty of flirting, and a very, -very- unhappy Cooper Beckett.

Are you not entertained!?

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A New Inquisition: The Vatican targets US nuns

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