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Swing With Friends!

... except sometimes the distance between those friends is enough to qualify the trip as more of a sexcation instead of a normal date. Whether because we live in less populated areas or because we've struck up online flirtations, sometimes you have people you just want to reach out and touch, but have to drive or fly for a few hours to do so. Doing this sets up a whole list of different but parallel challenges, and rewards, to the normal swing encounter, and that's what w discuss tonight.

The hosts of the Erotic Awakening podcast put together a midwestern polyamory summit called Beyond the Love that we name checked during the episode. Host a sexy conference in the midwest and you'll have our love and adoration forever! Also...w e apologize for calling it "share the love", in the moment Dylan forgot how to brain. He may have been thinking about the Tonia being interested in a gangbang.

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... by the way, while Climax, MI -is- along I-69, the exit Dylan discussed was actually along I-94 and you can view the Google Streetview image of it here. :)

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