Life on the Swingset - The Swinging & Polyamory Podcast

Today's episode features me, Dylan, speaking with Daisy, Dawn Ardent, Damien, and Duncan as we chat about our community and how we enjoy those of us in the community...thoroughly, being closeted, and loss.


I mentioned we on the Swingset needed a break and it looks like we've gotten it. Soon you'll do away with the tyranny of Dylan Thomas and you'll once again have the comfortable and familiar tyranny of Cooper S. Beckett to look forward to. We're recording an episode on Pegging with the...always outstanding Ruby Ryder, and an episode on Gang Bangs with a friend of ours, Jennifer. Google has opened its Play Music application to Podcasts!


If you've been reticent to use a podcast catcher but have a google account and of device that welcomes google apps you can find Life on the Swingset (and our other Swingset family podcasts) by searching for us.


Our full take over of Desire Resort and Spa is 2/3 full so...while we're just under six months away from our trip on November 5th through 12th, 2016 there aren't a lot of spots left. Check out for information. We've also had to rebrand the trip. While the drunken motto I came up with at Desire in 2015 sounded wonderful, it also had the unfortunate consequence of being trademarked. My bad. As a result I suggest an alternate Tagline.

Life on the Swingset takes over Desire 2016: Make Desire Great Again.  


The Swinger Doc is here to discuss a listener question about herpes! You can send him your questions on twitter @TheSwingerDoc or call 573-55-SWING, that's 573-55-9464.  


We featured three tracks on today's podcast.

Rezonate - Rebirth (feat. Ashley Apollodor)

Project 46 - No One (feat. Matthew Steeper)

Feint - Phosphor (feat. Miyoki)  


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