Life on the Swingset - The Swinging & Polyamory Podcast

This week on The Swingset, we return to the scorching 107 degree heat of Austin, Texas, where Ginger and Cooper attended and presented at Camp Ravish. On the last day of Camp, they sat down with several other presenters there, including The Two Knotty Boys, Melissa Jones, Bella LaVey, Rihannon Ixchel, and Miss O Kissed, to talk about the state of affairs for those of us plying a sex positive trade, while skirting around the issue of that big orange thing crashing toward us all.

(A quick note, again we were outside in the heat, so we had both fans and a fountain to contend with, but fuck it, we did it live!) Hope you enjoy!

After tonight's episode, you'll also be able to hear some audio erotica, a short story called Go For Launch - Double Penetration For Science, read by Angela Elmore of the By the Bi Podcast

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