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My name is Cooper Beckett, and I am a loudmouth. I'm extremely opinionated, and I use my little podcast as a soap box for my opinions. I'm also a snarky bastard, who enjoys giving shit to all. Just ask Dylan. This weekend, I got two emails, both taking me to task for my grumpery. I have snarked about "breeders" because I have no interest in having children. I have never seen this term as an insult, and have no issue whatsoever with children, or those who bear them. I like kids, I like people with kids. As a definite minority amongst those in a family way, I will jab, but never with malice. And I will apologize for the term breeders.

On two other topics, I have been called intolerant. That of the religious, and Republicans. I will admit to painting broad swaths of the religious with the same brush, the same can be said for my opinions and feelings about Republicans. I am an atheist and a Democrat, I have never hidden this fact. To our listeners who are religious, especially Christian, and to those who are Republican, I apologize for my often harsh words toward your affiliations. I recognize how strongly these beliefs can be held.

I have often said that all beliefs should be tolerated, so long as they don't infringe on other people. Right now, my state of Illinois is moving forward to allow gay marriage. The only people to speak against it were the religious. Are there religious folk who are sex positive? Who promote freedom, equality, tolerance? Absolutely. Are there republicans who also espouse the same beliefs and strengths that I stand for? Definitely! I know many people that fit into one or both of these categories. They are my friends, they are my lovers, they are my family.

I will never apologize, however, for my intolerance of intolerance. Rest assured, when I complain about the religious, I'm complaining about those who use their beliefs in God as a bludgeon for shaping policy that makes cohabitation without marriage illegal in Virginia, prohibits or impedes access to birth control, and by and large, keeps marriage equality from being a right for ALL Americans. I’m complaining about the institutionalized cover-up of thousands upon thousands of child sexual abuse cases in the Catholic church. When I complain about the Republicans, I complain about those who opposed the Violence against Women Act, who stand in the way of repealing the Defense of Marriage Act. And those responsible for all of the above God bludgeoning. These are not beliefs, this is intolerance. Beliefs are for you. Intolerance is for the world.

I stand against those spreading blatant lies about contraception, and conception, about women’s bodies being able to shut down rape, about the validity of science, and a misconception of what the term “theory” actually means.

Tolerance is a noble attribute, and one I strive for in myself with every person I encounter. I’m reasonably sure that the listeners of our podcast don’t fit into those categories that I am complaining about, and if they do, I would be very curious to hear them talk about how they reconcile these beliefs with their interest in our aberrant sexuality.

But all that said, I adore my listeners, and the thought that I’ve upset or hurt anyone with my glib comments causes me pain, and again I apologize to them. Every word I speak that doesn’t have a citation should always be treated as my opinion, which is no more valid than any other opinion, even if mine is sometimes louder. To crib from our intro, I am most certainly biased, but I will always speak honestly and earnestly, and as a staunch defender of all safe, sane, and consensual sexual and relationship practices that occur between adults, I will never pull my punches.

Thank you

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