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The act of a female giving anal sex to a male using a strap-on.

Some couples enjoy the power reversal of this and some guys simply just like it up the arse. How do we do it? What are the right tools for the job? Does it actually feel good? I'm a straight guy, will pegging make me gay? Lyndzi Miller (@Lyndzi), Tool Shed staff member and sexuality educator, and Cooper answer these questions and cover the basics of pegging, a sexual activity that is quickly gaining popularity. They'll also talk about safety, male anatomy and the health benefits of being pegged. Yes guys, that's right. Taking it in the boot is actually good for you!

Audience questions are overdubbed to protect privacy. Audience members asked about exercises women can do to better build up those pegging muscles, techniques when using harness-less toys, prostate orgasm position and technique, and harness maintenance.


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