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In many ways, swinging is a lot like regular online dating, searching through profiles, reaching out via email. In one way, it's not so much. Naked pictures. Oh, sure, regular online dating involves a lot of naked pictures these days too, but it's rare that you see someone naked BEFORE you decide to contact them. The value of good naked pics on a swinger profile is very high, and so tonight on Life on the Swingset the podcast, we're talking about taking them, and posing for them, and we're joined by the amazing Elle Chase, the Lady Cheeky who has been distracting us with her wonderfully curated porn tumblr for years.

We talk about why many swing profiles don't have photos of men on them and when they do, they're just cock pics! We talk about body image issues, privacy / online photo issues, being prudish on camera, and what if any responsibility we have after a breakup relating to nude photos.


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