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Soooo, hi guys, it’s Dylan, and I have this problem. Sometimes I want to be up close and personal with someone. I want that full body contact. I want to slide right up next to someone while I'm sliding in and out of someone, I want to kiss them gently, I want my hair in their face and their hair in my face, I want to feel their breath on my neck and I want to feel the weight of my chest pushing against their tits.

But. sometimes I want to sit back, stand back, kneel back, and just fucking fuck the people I'm fucking. I want to watch them move, I want to see their faces scrunch, I want to watch their tits bounce, I want to give them a slap, a smack, and I want to watch my cock as it pistons in and out of someone

But you know someone I want to flip someone over and pound them against a headboard. Sometimes I want to execute the rare triple lutz upper decker reverse cowgirl in the pyramid configuration.

But sometimes things get in the way. Genital position, body type, genital shape, friction points, stamina, and ability can conspire to work against crafting the scene I want or the grouping I want, and I just won't be able to fuck the person or people I want to fuck the way I want to fuck them.

Do I give up? Do -YOU- give up?

Fuck no!

We have the knowledge, we have the technology, we have the simple machines, we have the will, and we'll craft the way,


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Today our intro and outro featured Feint - We Won't Be Alone (feat. Laura Brehm) and our end of the episode outtakes featured Deon Custom – Together.

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