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Hey, it’s Cooper, and boy, it's the holidays again, and here I sit in the Ski Chalet high atop Mount Swingset, crackling fire, hot chocolate spiked with RumChata, wearing my 10th Doctor onesie and reminiscing. I think about all that's happened this year, the things that changed, my god. The only thing that could make this evening better is...oh, look out the window! Why it's Ginger Bentham


While you're helping yourself to a drink, Gin, I see another good friend, former swinger president himself, Dylan Thomas!


Why it’s Katie Mack! Welcome to the Chalet


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We featured an absurd amount of music today.

In addition to the wonderful Rachel Lark’s There’s Nothing Sexy about Christmas and O’ Poly Night we played:

DotEXE - Come Back To Me

Hellberg - Jingle Bells

Mr. FijiWiji - Imaginary Friend, featuring Brenton Mattheus

Muzzy - Snowman Swag

Rogue - Goodbye (Winter Chords)

Stephen Walking - Sleigh Ride

and Televisor's - We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

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