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It's Desire Week at Life on the Swingset, with 150 days and less than 25 rooms remaining for our 2016 Desire Takeover (November 5-12) we're running Desire episodes of the podcast as well as blogs and articles. If you'd like to join us in Desire this November, head over to! It's booking fast!


Desire. It's an emotion, raw and real. It's a place, warm and inviting, November 7th through the 14th of 2015, we made it our space. We brought 79 (and a half, thanks to the amazing Kendra Holliday) couples to Cancun, to the Riviera Maya, to Mexico, to the Desire Resort & Spa, and we collectively made the resort our own.

J.V. Altharas and Shara Bono joined us once again to co-host the trip, run kink demonstration and education events, and all in all... to enjoy and consume everything available in paradise, in the sexiest place on earth.

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