Life on the Swingset - The Swinging & Polyamory Podcast

We're back! We took the longest (only) hiatus in Swingset History and each of us has come back rested and ready. Today we discuss the blurring of the line between swinging and polyamory and how things tend to evolve in ways well beyond our expectations.


We recorded this podcast LIVE in front of our audience of patrons. We're trying something new, if you have comments on the audio quality please send that feedback to, whether it is "still excellent!" or "wholly inadequate"!

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Today's podcast featured music from Anevo, titled Electric Heart (featuring Ameria), from Slips & Slurs and Mihka titled WiFi Tears, from Pixl titled Broken Bones (featuring Cassandra Kay), and our anthem for returning to the world, Puppet and Foria's song I'm Here.


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