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We all send dirty comments, dirty pictures, full on sext-travaganzas with our partners, playmates, friends straddling the edge of naughty. Tonight we're joined by the Swinging MILF herself, Sally Swings to talk about sending each other dirty pictures and messages through sexting.

Today's episode of Life on the Swingset is sponsored by Better Than the Hand, a website that aims to deconstruct stigma and toxicity surrounding male sexuality and masturbation through articles, blogs, toy reviews, and an online store.

The Swingset crew starts by discussing the difference between different types of sexting, "the tease", and the "taking it to completion" type, and how sexting is often compatible with our every day busy lives because we're always on the go. Sexting gives us a charge, a kick, it's something that we bring back to our partners.

Sally and Dylan commiserate over being in private photo groups when men complain how their photos only get a couple likes, while women's photos get tens or hundreds. Cooper poses the thought that unsolicited dick pics and the general dick pic "economy" gives pretty extreme incentives to women willing to share, and that because of a scarcity of that kind of photo, men swarm and ... create disincentives to sharing. Dylan discusses unsolicited dick pics as men seeking power, and as a full frontal assault on someone, while simultaneously causing men whose dick pics are refused to act aghast, as if their pics are a gift to the world and should be accepted unconditionally. Cooper decides it'd be funny to try and flood Dylan's inbox with topless photos so, in that spirit, listeners... email Dylan at and send him your topless pics! He consents on behalf of Dylan, Dylan indicates a measure of exasperated agreement with that given consent. R.I.P. his inbox.

In episode business, Cooper has finally finished writing his second swinging novel! Dylan brings up the We-Vibe lawsuit and feels strongly about companies collecting more information than people have really volunteered to give.

Ars Technica: Sex Toys and the Internet of Things Collide: What Could Go Wrong?

The Guardian: Tech Company Accused of Collecting Details of How Customers Use Sex Toys


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