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Hey Swingset Fans,

Dylan Thomas here.

It's an off week for the Swingset. We're going to schedule these in every so often because you know what... it's nice to have a week off.

Just... pretend I'm sticking my tongue out at you all right now.

Anyway, tomorrow night we record together again! Guest Andre Shakti rejoins the swingset and you can listen in, if you support Life on the Swingset by subscribing at Throw us a dollar an episode!

It's a huge help; in addition to keeping the Swingset going it contributes to some big things we're planning in 2018 and.. quite honestly, those big things only happen with your help. As thanks, if you subscribe we'll give you access to our online chat community and if you're able to offer five dollars an episode, you get a sweet pin that I'd be wearing right now ... if I wasn't nude. Hop on and help us keep this thing going... for you.

Thanks, and see you all next week!

Or tomorrow, you know... if you wanna.



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