Life on the Swingset - The Swinging & Polyamory Podcast

Cooper and Dylan throw some great swinger parties, but not always by design. Much like their journey into non-monogamy, a combination of moxie, trial and error, and luck has combined to create some wonderful stories.

Reid Mihalko on the other hand has spent time and effort learning how carefully crafting group dynamics create the best chance of worthwhile parties for everyone, and not necessarily just with swingers. He joins us tonight for a discussion on sexy parties!

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butts. prostates, both male and female.

We're talking all about the rear, from preparation to insertion to orgasm and beyond! Charlie Glickman and Aislinn Emirzian, authors of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure join us to chat about anal sex, and what it means for men to be on the receiving end of penetrative sex.

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After Shira tells us a bizarre story of having her upper lip devoured by a creeper at a club, Cooper talks about falling in love. This leads to a discussion on his developing confidence, and then to the broader topic of how to be confident, how to build it, and how to wield it.



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"Hey Cooper... tell us how you really feel!" "Well alright then." 

We've discussed organized religion and how it's affected our own relationship with sexuality, how it influences our community as a whole and... at times, indelicately pointed out where we take issue with its monopoly on morality and its right to judge what's acceptable and what's not. 

We finally said fuck it, threw up our arms, and invited Darrel Ray, author of the books The God Virus: How Religion Affects Our Lives and Culture, and Sex and God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality to join us for a discussion on how we really feel, what we see on a day to day basis, and how we can move forward and still live and love those who believe, even if we disagree.

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Sex and Secularism, The Report at

Study: Non-monogamous couples are as happy as other couples -

Want! Will... Won't. Chart

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Dee Dennis decided to join us for a discussion on building sex positive communities (and the perils within doing so), and how to translate that into a great conference experience! It's apropos as she's also the founder of CatalystCon so... we chat about that just a little bit. :)

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For Episode 101 we thought giving a brief "101" lecture on Progressive Swinging felt right.

So, we reintroduce and define what we mean by Progressive Swinging, and give you the very basics; what you need, what to expect, and how to proceed. We've approached the basics before, communication, introductions, prep work, but this time with give it to you with a different goal in mind, how to enter into Progressive Swinging.

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This... is episode 100.

We thank our guests, our previous co-hosts, we yell at each other, unbridled chaos abounds everywhere. It's a full 90 minutes of the four of us enjoying each other. Pure joy, true love...

To another 100 episodes we go!

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Not all of you have been listening weekly for three years (probably... maybe) so by extension, not all of you know how we got here and what we lived through before we discovered these lifestyles we lead.

So I'm Dylan, and I'm telling you my story, now. It's long, I spend the first ten minutes talking about pubescent erections but it all leads somewhere, and if you're interested... I'll take you on my little journey through the dark ages of my own sexuality and into my non-monogamy.

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After a slight delay, the Swingset crew talk Life on the Swingset's first trip to Desire Resort & Spa in Cancun and squick Shira B. Katz right the hell out. We lament the shortness of our jaunt to paradise, and talk about what we hope to do next time.

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Clare from Smitten Kitten returns to discuss bad toys with us, and our toy wishes for the holiday as we discuss sex toys even more!

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Hi everybody, it's the Life on the Swingset annual Toytacular event! We're in year three of recommending the best and most interesting toys we've played with, and laughing about the worst and worst designed toys we've suffered with.

We bring Claire from the Smitten Kitten Online into the conversation and riff on... oh, something like 40 or more toys.

Hop on and bring a pad of paper!


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Parenting when you're a swinger or a polyamorist isn't easy is most definitely not a topic that's well documented. Luckily Airial Clark has been picking up the slack! She joins us for a conversation on how to be  a parent and straddle the line between too soon and not soon enough. We discuss the advantages and hurdles children may encounter when coming up against an aggressively monogamist society, and all in all, how to stay sex positive.


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Shira wants to point out the DTFH discussion with Dr. Christopher Ryan!

We also had Christopher Ryan on back on episode 27. Wow...

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Cooper, Ginger, and Dylan brought Marilyn, The Professor, Tonia, and 30+ couples with them to Desire in Cancun, Mexico! 18 months of foreplay result in good feelings, a little crying, lots of sexy time, and a terribly unstructured but incredibly fun to record podcasting session where we discuss introductions, making moves, saying no, and just being part of the flow.

This... is Life on the Swingset, recorded on-location, in paradise.

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When the Swingers are away the Katz will play!  

Shira B. Katz has taken over the Swingset, and has enlisted her husband of mythical proportions Gavin Katz.  The hosts of Pedestrian Polyamory (cheap plug) aren't necessarily talking about Polyamory this week, but their ventures into a Swinger party.  Comparisons are made between the two cultures, Shira wants to ride the Swing Train, and Gavin wants to hit her with one.  

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We're up for a second round of double penetration! That'd be double, double penetration.... Hmm...

Anyway, We're back with questions about what to do about party invitations when you have a couple that breaks up, bringing up the cultivation of poly relationships with swinger friends, long distance relationships, partners leaving the lifestyle and potentially their relationships, being and dealing with self-consciousness about cock performance and size, the "genderless", the difference between healthy and unhealthy swinger relationships, and...

Equality in freedom to explore.

We covered quite a bit of ground on this episode. Take a listen, strap on those thigh dildos, and gang-bang along with us!

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Today on Life on the Swingset, the Podcast, we take your questions and give you sweet, delicious, custard filled answers. We talk about metamores not getting along, reading your partners' e-mails, the struggle to decide whether to let a swing partner cum inside your partner, swinging with a cancer conquering sexy body, our horrible, horrible fetlife profiles, our opi... well ok we covered a lot today and we'll cover a lot next week as we run hot right up to the edge of our trip to Desire.

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Kendra Holliday joins us in a discussion on how to be open and sex positive while still staying friendly and approachable. Our discussion heats up when Dylan suggests that he misses Rick Santorum competing for the Republican presidential nomination because it was such a great opportunity to discuss sex positivity in comparison to the extreme positions Santorum took on... well everything from sex's role to women's health, and cools back down once we all figured out that we're all best served by having calm reasoned discussions with people we disagree with... Who knew?!

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Two years ago a woman by the name of TBK visited us here on the Swingset to talk about her life, and her website, The Beautiful Kind. We heard back from her after she came out as Kendra Holliday and listened as she described the liberation of being out and the frustration of being under attack from all sides for her decision. Today she rejoins us and lets us know how she's progressed on her journey from a simple webmistress to a founder of Sex Positive St. Louis, as an activist, as a mother, and as a woman. 

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A listener's story about the unreasonable request from a swing friend for the husband in a couple to impregnate her, leads us into a discussion about what is acceptable and not to ask of your partners in swinging & polyamory, and also what to do when the dreaded drama rears its ugly head.


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Our good friends SFCuties asked us, "Is there a swinger version of PolySaturated, and what would it be called?"

We take on this challenge tonight, going through what it feels like to be polysaturated and smitten with what we call, "swing overload". Shira B. Katz regales us with tales of her time at Burning Man including good times at the indoor airconditioned sex dome, which then disintegrated into discussion about body odors in the context of orgies.


Join the Swingset crew at Desire Resort & Spa from November 3-10, 2012!

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Amidst the endless bang bus, humiliation porn, and ass to mouth videos, one site stands out as something completely different:, featuring a gorgeous redhead named Camille Crimson giving slow, artistic, fun, and sexy blowjobs to her man. The Art of Blowjob is leading a charge toward a different landscape of porn with more beauty in it. PR and Marketing Director for The Art Of Blowjob, Sophie Delancey joins us to talk about the beautiful porn she manages, what she thinks about the future of porn, and to get some advice on climbing onto the swingset from us.


For those of you scrambling to write down the amazing collection of links Sophie gave us at the end of tonight's episode, here they are:

Sites: • • • • 

Twitter Handles
@SophieDelancey • @CamilleCrimson • @MikeFlirt • @LilyanneBloom • @MaxSauvage

Facebook Pages
Camille Crimson • LilyanneBloom

SophieDelancey • Camille Crimson • Pornographic Love


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Foreplay... it's what we sometimes don't have time for, but apparently what we all desperately want more of! Whether it's giving, receiving, taking hours, or taking a few minutes, we take the time to discuss what we like, why we like it, what we do for other people and why we do for other people and figure out that sometimes all a situation can be -is- foreplay.

Ginger reveals her secret mutant ability, the stealthy surprise orgasm and Shira reveals she's only recently gotten into receiving foreplay.


Join the Swingset crew at Desire Resort & Spa from November 3-10, 2012!

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We explore cultivating relationships from both the swinging perspective and polyamorous perspective. Ginger feels ready to get out there and meet some women to date. Cooper has an important (and easy) relationship discussion with his girlfriend about their involvement level and expanding his dating. Time is a very important factor, as is relationship structuring, but it can be hard going in with very low expectations. Google Calendar again emerges as the cornerstone of non-monogamy. Shira talks about how poly relationships interact with her family. We round it out with a discussion of time management, and how different swinging and poly are in the disclosure realm. 

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The Pick-up, we discuss vanilla pick-up culture briefly while moving into how to be picked up, how to message people online, and meeting people in real life. The concept of a codex, or a user manual (RTFM!) for potential hookups and dating partners to use comes up and we spend a lot of time figuring out what goes into it and what it actually means.

While we lose a Ginger this episode, we pick up a Cunning Minx and have a great time!


Minx's User Manual

Cunning Minx on Twitter

Polyamory Weekly

Join the Swingset crew at Desire Resort & Spa from November 3-10, 2012!


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We are joined by Ned & Maggie Mayhem, geeksexual porn stars who's mantra is to just be themselves in porn. We gush over them a while, Cooper admits their site is the first porn site he's ever paid for. The discussion leads to making porn, bringing toys into the bedroom, male use of the Hitachi Magic Wand, male bisexuality in porn, and identifying as queer.

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We finish our debrief from our experience at Open SF Non-Monogamy Conference. We discuss seminars we attended, Dylan laments falling asleep, Cooper explains how The Brown Eyed Girl took them all out for a spin around town and how he learned to ask for what he wants, we break in the middle for a little discussion on companies who take public stances on issues, and we end with a farewell lunch on Monday with Pepper Mint.

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We continue our debrief from our experience at Open SF Non-Monogamy Conference. We discuss seminars we attended, including Charlie Glickman, Tristan Taormino, and the presentation we gave. Cooper gets a magic brownie and tries to pick up a Brown-Eyed Girl, and talks about how incredibly charming The Professor is. The gang goes on a San Francisco odyssey to find a hot-tub in the hills, and Dylan gets a girl.

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The gang begins their full debrief from the Open SF Non-Monogamy conference. Cooper experiences both Dom and sub play in a single night, and processes his feelings on Domination, humiliation, choking, as well as being flogged, spanked, and fondled. Dylan holds court and plays Cards Against Humanity with friends. Ginger and the Prof discover the fuck monster at the Pink Play Party. Shira brings a two boys to their first play party.

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The Swingset crew is drinking in bed together at the Open SF conference. For a good long while we giggle and talk of almost nothing. Dylan shamelessly flirts with the ladies. We move on to talking about Dom/sub play, and Cooper's fears getting into it. The discussion leads to relationship safe words and the Get Out of Jail Free Card in dealing with relationship conflict. We talk aftercare and then dig into Cooper's sex toy box while Dylan just wants to make out with Ginger's thigh.

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The Swingsetters are live in San Francisco at the Open SF Conference on non-monogamy to discuss Progressive Swinging, where swingers are gradually sliding down the spectrum toward long term relationships, and even !!GHASP!! love. We take questions from the audience and Cooper gets all riled up.

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We return to the mailbag, still full after last week to discuss a number of jealousy related issues. A newly poly girl is uncomfortable with her husband dating his monogamous ex girlfriend, what is the difference between different flavors of non-monogamy, is jealousy healthy, does it show your partner that you care?

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To celebrate our 75th episode we go back to gangbanging the mailbag for another listener question episode. We get excited that Shira's transient boy is staying in America and Cooper is narrating Tristan Taormino's radio show. Our ire is raised that the Catholic church is suing about birth control. Then our listeners ask us to talk about spanking, kinks to watch, revisiting oral sex to talk about cum, the girls talk about how much they enjoy watching men ejaculate, how to bounce back from a bad swinging experience, to drink or not to drink at clubs, one sided chemistry and interest, and primary partners growing apart.

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Tristan Taormino returns to the Swingset to give Cooper some advice on NRE, discuss her new book The Ultimate Guide to Kink, and talk about her new project, a weekly live call-in radio show called Sex Out Loud on starting June 1st.

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Pepper Mint discusses Sex Positive Classes, Conferences, and hosting OpenSF on this episode of Life on the Swingset, The Podcast!

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Pepper Mint (@freaksexual, rejois the Swingset for discussion on hard kink.

We open with a discussion about mommy porn and Fifty Shades of Grey and move into discussion about the BDSM and kink communities, plow through into contracts, talk about our actual kinks. Dylan asks about punching, Shira emotes about being punched in the butt, and Cooper cringes when needle play is mentioned, and we end by talking about how wonderful the human body is and how people process histories of abuse and sometimes use kinks to help.


Join the Swingset crew at Desire Resort & Spa from November 3-10, 2012!

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We are joined by The Professor and Boris & Doris of the Boris & Doris Podcast to follow up on a discussion prompted by Gay Rick from Sex Is Fun on his Facebook page. We discuss the uniqueness of the term "Vanilla" as it relates to open relationships, sex positivity, BDSM crowds, and whether it is, in general a positive or negative.

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Shira talks about sapiosexual foreplay. Cooper discusses building an untraditional family and continues his baby phobia. Ginger and the Professor have just returned from the Swingercast Desire Resort & Spa trip and tell us about their time in paradise. (Ginger spends the VAST majority of this episode giggling.) The Professor paints a beautiful word portrait of a nude Shira B. Katz striding along the beach with glistening wet labia. And Cooper insists that geese are bastards.

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Oral Sex. Cunnilingus. Rim Jobs. Today we discuss anything and everything oral on this episode of Life on the Swingset, The Podcast! We start with the basics, what we prefer, what we enjoy, and delve into different types of oral play. After a rousing instructional segment on how to suck Dylan's cock, Shira B. Katz gives us both information and directions on better oral play with barriers.

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In this show, we talk about one of our favorite subjects... ourselves!

We've been steadily evolving and felt like keeping all of you up-to-date on where are we going, why we're moving in that direction, all while throwing in a bit of misdirection with Metroid and Mega Man to keep you guessing. We address two listener questions / comments and all in all have a good time sharing our lives with each other.

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After a detour involving Prof Stephen Hawking's time spent at a sex club, we discuss new swingers, polyamorists, and non-monogamists. Cooper and Dylan both profess their affection with newbies, while Shira and Ginger confess they make them nervous. After the break we talk about our own experiences being newbies, and get sidetracked again by a discussion of Classic Chicago Commercials. Cooper closes the show by reviewing Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Pegging.

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Dylan launches a custom sexy talk service. We discuss the ethics and reasoning behind wanting or not wanting to date someone you're mentoring. Cooper and Dylan both want to fuck all their friends. We discuss what chemistry means to us all, the surprise of a chemistry blindside, and the difficulty of getting four way chemistry in swinging dating. Cooper reviews the Nexus Revo.

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JV Altharas and Shara from Ending The Sexual Dark Age join us to discuss the dichotomy of being friends with your swinging playmates, and how we feel that enhances the value of the sex, but also how that can drift into other ares. We get sidetracked by the idea of writing directions on thighs, Cooper updates his Poly experiment, and Dylan rants about politics. 

Direct download: swingset065.mp3
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We cold open with Cooper having a butt plug (hand crafted by Boris at inserted by Marilyn, then lead into a discussion of our kinks kicked off by a listener voicemail request. We round robin it for a while, discovering some of our surface kinks, resistance play, certain clothes, BDSM and pegging tops the list. Dylan spends much of the show insisting he doesn't have any kinks before realizing time and again that he does. We also talk about being squicked out by some people's kinks, and the difference between kink and fetish.

Direct download: swingset064.mp3
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We wrap up our "Swinging For Dummies" primer for the swinging lifestyle with the future. We discuss the types of relationships you might want to have with your swinging playmates, how to discuss that with them, how to determine what you're trying to get out of swinging, what websites you might use, and then shamelessly we implore you to join us in Desire this November.

Direct download: swingset63.mp3
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We squick Dylan out with talk of dragon sex. Dylan vindicates himself with a listener voicemail about post vasectomy emptiness, then discusses his gigantic balls. Once we establish that Shira is the Dummy of the title, we begin by discussing the difference between soft swap and full swap, same and separate rooms, and group sex.  We discuss developing community, not rushing, and rules, how being drunk is a turn-off. You're dating as a team.

Direct download: swingset062.mp3
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The Swingset crew gets quickly sidetracked by business that rapidly consumes the show. Dylan wants to be a Dom, Shira is enjoying being submissive. Cooper assigns the listeners the quest for a high quality strap on dildo that can squirt. We talk about being a switch, Cooper reveals his submissive tendencies, and we realize that we've talked far too long to continue the Swinging For Dummies show before next week.

Direct download: swingset061.mp3
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We continue our "Swinging For Dummies" discussion by moving into how to talk to your partner about your interest in non-monogamy. We weigh the idea of non-monogamy being a "deal-breaker" for your relationship and the future. Also on topic is potential for jealousy, the importance of LOTS of communication, and the excellent resources Sex at Dawn and Opening Up. When all is said and done, it's important to remember that you're going to be okay TOGETHER.

Direct download: swingset060.mp3
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We go back to basics in the first of our Swinging For Dummies episodes. But first, returning friend The Professor tells us about Ginger's panty-less New Years Eve celebration. We talk about the moment when we realized we were non-monogamous and how we dealt with that paradigm shift, how it impacted our perception of ourselves, and where we take that. We talk about cheating and deception while trying to be monogamous. We discuss the impact of monogamy on bisexuality, the complexity of polyamory, and how to begin.

Direct download: swingset059.mp3
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After a spirited reading of the suggested uses for the Hitachi Magic Wand, Cooper claims to be the Steward of Gondor, and Dylan and Cooper describe their swing party that went bad.

Direct download: swingset058.mp3
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Direct download: swingset057.mp3
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After Cooper talks about kissing a boy for the first time, the crew answers voicemails about dealing with penis size concerns while swinging, anal sex play for bi males, reactions to pregnant swingers in a party situation, and our biggest surprises in our time as non-monogamous folk.

Direct download: swingset056.mp3
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We continue our discussion with poly activist and organizer Pepper Mint, but first Cooper and Dylan blow a "fight" over the word queer out of proportion. We discuss eroticizing jealousy, Ginger gets hot over the idea of "straddling the line," Pepper discusses polyamory and gay men. Cooper becomes militant about coming out and rails against the forces of "old and evil." And of course, we all get silly many times.

Direct download: swingset055.mp3
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Pepper Mint, polyamory blogger, activist, & organizer joins us for a dialog on why the swinging and polyamory camps still have trouble getting along. We rant about a swing club that has been shut down by the authorities. Cooper doesn't want to "put baby in the corner" but finds it easy to shuffle Shira off to the poly side, but even she is shocked by the discussion of poly sex parties. Dylan is horrified to find that sometimes people want to move in after a month; and Ginger confesses her origin story involving Pepper. 

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We continue our chat with Jim & Char of CharTravel about lifestyle vacations, focusing more on Desire as a whole as Shira asks a number of nitty gritty questions about passports, cost, and the nudity policy. Cooper rants about the foolishness of booking flights with Travelocity. Ginger gets lost in her own little world of Desire fantasies. We discuss food, alcohol, excursions and other things to do at Desire Resort & Spa

Direct download: swingset053.mp3
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Have your vacations lately seemed a bit too dull or full of minors? Well tonight we're talking about vacationing the sexy way and taking a lifestyle trip. We discuss the ins and outs of going on a lifestyle or nude vacation at any level of the sexually open lifestyle, about etiquitte, and how to protect yourself and your relationship. We also thoroughly discuss Desire Resort & Spa and our upcoming trip to this fabulous spot in Cancun, Mexico in November 2012.

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We continue our 50th episode reflection of what we're still learning in the lifestyle when Cooper talks about his first one on one mandate and how he feels it pushed him back to a solid 2 on the Kinsey Scale, and Shira discusses an experience of being flogged, beaten, and spanked and how she's in an exploratory mood lately.

Direct download: swingset050b.mp3
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The Swingset crew celebrates their 50th episode with reflections of how we can still learn new things in the lifestyle. We wish Shira a happy Swingset Anniversary. Ginger sends Prof to a sexy party SOLO! Dylan and Tonia explore polyamory and talk to their son about non-monogamy. Ginger yearns to come out as non-monogamous, so we discuss the levels of being out and the normalization of non-monogamy.

Direct download: swingset050a.mp3
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After Shira horrifies us all by talking about a potential boy-toy's penile subincision, we manage to pull it together and discuss the changing landscape that is online swinger sites and sex clubs along with our special guest Emily from We talk a bit about the history of the website, and Emily's role there, but use it as a springboard to discuss the larger themes of how the word is spreading about non-monogamy, and how welcoming and accepting out communities can be

Direct download: swingset049b.mp3
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Dylan asks Shira how polyamorists feel about one night stands. We all talk about the kind of porn that gets us going, then each of us admits to what our guilty pleasure porn is; Cooper feels very bad about his and insists everybody is judging him. After the break we discuss homemade porn, what we've all made, and why swingers take pictures and video

Direct download: swingset048.mp3
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We wonder if pubic hair is making a resurgence, find out that Shira has no tolerance for young people, discuss how we first encountered and discovered porn. We learn that Ginger didn't believe people actually had sex in porn. Shira talks about her past with jealousy over porn. The boys refuse to let Shira go into body negativity mode. Then we all talk about what we've learned from porn

Direct download: swingset047.mp3
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Uh oh! You heard the last podcast and were left wanting for juicy details? The second part of our Burning Man shows reveals exactly what happened between Dylan and the Majestic Woman he met at Burning Man 2011. You will also find out if there was love in the air for Shira B. Katz. Emotions run high in this heartfelt episode recorded just one week after Shira and Dylan return home from the Playa

Direct download: swingset046.mp3
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Cooper & Marilyn take a vacation to visit sexy friends from the Great White North. Dylan & Shira B. Katz haven’t been about to shut up about Burning Man and now you finally get to hear why. Listen as the crew discusses what Burning Man has to do with non-monogamy, who they camped with, and what a non-monogamous person can expect on the Playa. Ahoy! Burning Man; land of The Human Car(cass) Wash, The Snack Food Glory Hole, and a place where even the monogamous have an opportunity to open up a little

Direct download: swingset045.mp3
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Dylan here - I visited Burning Man this year, and while I fully expected to have a mind-blowing experience, I found myself wrapped up in the loving arms of another woman, and unable to completely handle some of the consequences of that. I had my first little polyamorous experience, a "playawife" for a few days, but I needed to get some of what was on my mind out. So, this recording is me, on-site, at 8am the day after I decided that what I was doing wasn't going to last. Take a listen, and tell me what you think

Direct download: swingset-sp-dylan-burning-man.mp3
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We are living in the golden age of sexual communication. There are so many ways to have sexy conversations and interactions online, it's really rather amazing. We talk about our likes and dislikes, our enthusiasms and wants, and how we all get off online

Direct download: swingset044.mp3
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Flirting! It's like a gateway drug, and that gateway sometimes leads to all manner of sexual exploits. Tonight we discuss the importance and value of flirting and how it has helped shape the panel's sexual lives, as well as how Ginger & Shira flirted their way onto the show. And speaking of that, this is Ginger's anniversary episode, as she's been swinging on the Swingset with us for a full year now. All this, Cooper has sexy house guests, Dylan almost picks up a woman at a buffet line at a bowling alley, dead flies, bottles of wine, and more on Life on the Swingset: The Podcast

Direct download: swingset043.mp3
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Dylan hosts this episode where we discuss Kody Brown's lawsuit, the fight for polygamy, and "Sister Wives." Shira has learned the power of selfish sex. Cooper rants against religion and oppression, but what else is new

Direct download: swingset042.mp3
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Cooper tells the crew about the breakup he and Marilyn went through with a unicorn friend of theirs, their struggle with it, and how they've applied their feelings about polyamory and non-monogamy to the situation. The crew uses this as a jumping off point to discuss breakups in general in non-monogamy and how they differ from monogamous breakups. Then Dylan finally discusses his bisexual leanings

Direct download: swingset041.mp3
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The crew discusses the fact that girls need to ask permission to touch too, Shira is rejected for the very first time, Dylan talks about massages at strip clubs, and we get deep into the Anthony Weiner sex scandal, discussing whether this is an example of our society's extreme slut shaming, if it's possible he has an open marriage, and how we feel about this type of scandal in general

Direct download: swingset040.mp3
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In this short podcast special, the Swingset crew answer a question sent by a listener of the Ending The Sexual Dark Age podcast about how to transition yourself to being a bisexual male in the lifestyle when you'd previously identified as straight.

Direct download: swingset-sp-darkage.mp3
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Dylan and Cooper return to Couple's Playhouse, a swing club in the suburbs of Chicago for part two of their discussion and description of their first trip to a swingers club. Shira and Ginger add their own thoughts about swing clubs and other kink friendly clubs. Cooper talks about how odd it is to wander around nude with an erection, and Dylan continues his epic flirt

Direct download: swingset039.mp3
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After Shira discusses the wonderful world of sex and feeling better that came from having her IUD removed, Ginger talks about the benefits of hers, and Dylan discusses exploring his wife's...for science. Ginger regales us with Prof's solo date with a friend, Cooper and Marilyn take separate dates, and we discuss a wonderful trip to Couple's Playhouse, a swing club in the suburbs of Chicago, and our experiences within in part one of our two part discussion

Direct download: swingset038.mp3
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In our first "Listener Mailbag" episode we answer several questions from voicemail and email, tackling such diverse topics as the hotness of swingers, sexual experience and prowess, how to swing when you have kids, going to swing clubs, male bisexuality, the HIV positive military man swinger, and more

Direct download: swingset037.mp3
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While Dylan fills his ass with first a vibrator, then a butt plug, we giggle our way through a discussion of our favorite thing in the whole world, orgasms. We discuss the differences in the many "spot" orgasms (G-Spot, P-Spot C-Spot U-Spot) and what orgasms feel like for us.

Direct download: swingset036.mp3
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One of the most concerning topics for anyone looking to get into the swinging or other non-monogamous lifestyles is the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection, so we invite Gay Rick from Sex Is Fun, a HIV educator, on to discuss the concept of acceptable risk, how we all need to make the decision for ourselves if our lifestyle is worth the risks inherent in it, and ways to minimize our exposure risks

Direct download: swingset035.mp3
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Miss Ami, a full time Domme, returns to The Swingset to discuss how BDSM fits into the swinging and non-monogamous lifestyles, how these worlds collide, and being out as a kinky person. And Dylan's curiosity seems to be moving to full blown obsession

Direct download: swingset034.mp3
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The Swingset crew invites Miss Ami, a full time Domme to join the discussion about what BDSM stands for, what it means to be Domme/sub, how her lifestyle impacts her life, and why swingers seem to have such difficulty feeling comfortable with those four letters. (Dylan also discovers he might be more interested in exploring this than he thought...)

Direct download: swingset033.mp3
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Cooper and Marilyn just got back from Desire, but in between the nonstop playtime and suntanning and hottubbing and drinking and dining, they found time to record a full trip diary detailing their time spent at Desire Resort & Spa in Cancun. (Well, they found time to record two out of the three trip reports, the third was recorded, sadly, in cold Chicago.) So here it is, in its entirety, Cooper and Marilyn's Excellent Adventure!

Direct download: swingset032.mp3
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In Ep 31, the greatest crossover since The Flintstones met The Jetsons happens as Cooper and Marilyn podcast with Kidder Kaper and Lorax from Sex Is Fun live from an outside bed at Desire in sunny Cancun. They discuss what it's like to be in a world populated by sex positive people, what may be the first publicly accepted bi male blowjob at the resort, the sometimes high tension and heightened drama that can result from such, the sexy times that have been had, first full swaps, newbies, and more!

Direct download: swingset031c.mp3
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In Ep 30, we discuss masturbation, which Woody Allen called "sex with someone I love," and talk about why, in swinging and non-monogamy, we have all the opportunity in the world for sex and we still continue to jack off and jill off (is that a thing?) We discuss discovering masturbation, techniques, toys, and why we love ourselves

Direct download: swingset030.mp3
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In Ep 29, the Swingset tries very hard not to simply gush over their biggest crush, Tristan Taormino, as she joins us for a discussion of the time writing porn, her thoughts on bisexuality in the lifestyle and in film, her book Opening Up, and putting things in hers and other people's asses.

Direct download: swingset029.mp3
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In Ep 28, the Swingset's interview with Christopher Ryan, author of the bestselling book Sex At Dawn which challenges the idea that monogamy is natural and ingrained in human beings, continues. We discuss whether or not there's hope for America's dawning sexuality, tours, future books, swinger parties and more.

Direct download: swingset028.mp3
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On Ep 27, the Swingset interviews Christopher Ryan, author of the bestselling book Sex At Dawn which challenges the idea that monogamy is natural and ingrained in human beings. We discuss bonobos, a species that sexually is far more similar to us than chimpanzees, and the very porn-like videos of this species enjoying themselves. We postulate that the matriarchal societies described in Sex At Dawn are very reflective of the swinging and polyamorous lifestyles

Direct download: swingset027.mp3
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Episode 26 is a time of reflection for us as The Swingset celebrates the end of its first year of existence. We discuss what we've learned along the way, talk about the orgy Cooper and Marilyn threw for Ginger and the Professor where the crew beta tested a new game from Great Sex Games, Dylan discusses his swinger epiphanies, Shira shares a New Years Eve ritual, and we enjoy each other's company thoroughly. Join us for the last show of 2010!

Direct download: swingset026.mp3
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The Swingset crew discuss their favorite sex toys of the year and the most unusual sex toys they've ever used in our Holiday Buying Guide podcast

Direct download: swingset025.mp3
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The Swingset crew discuss their first sex toys and experiences and talk about their favorite sex toys of the year in our Holiday Buying Guide podcast

Direct download: swingset024.mp3
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In Life on the Swingset, The Podcast: Ep 23, we spend a long evening with our friend Kendra Holliday, who on National Coming Out day, revealed her identity to the world on her website The Beautiful Kind. Over the course of an hour and a half, we talk with Kendra about the time since she came out to the world, the difficulties she's had with her community and her ex husband, and how it feels to be a source of sex positive information in a difficult world. We then move beyond to our own feelings about coming out as swingers, polyamorous, non-monogamous, or even simply sex positive

Direct download: swingset023.mp3
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In Ep 22, we wrap up our big discussion about male and female bisexuality, crossing our way into pansexuality and omnisexuality and everything in between. We discuss the journey of the bisexual male, the evolution of acceptance (and hotness) of the bisexual female, the stereotypes and biases against both and the growing need for non-monogamy

Direct download: swingset022.mp3
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In Life on the Swingset, The Podcast, Ep 21, we begin the big discussion about male and female bisexuality, crossing our way into pansexuality and omnisexuality and everything in between. We discuss the journey of the bisexual male, the evolution of acceptance (and hotness) of the bisexual female, the stereotypes and biases against both and the growing need for non-monogamy to be its own subclass

Direct download: swingset021.mp3
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In Ep 20, we talk about how, even in open relationships, even as sex positive people, we often hide our true interests, feelings, ideas from playmates and our partner. We discuss why this might be as well as talk about moving beyond it. We also talk about fetishes and role playing. On this show: Cooper,

Direct download: swingset020.mp3
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In Ep 19, we talk about anal sex and its place in non-monogamy, how it's often tokenized for significant other play only, the wonders and joys of double penetration, pegging, and male bisexuality. On this show: Cooper, Ginger, Dylan, Shira B.Katz, & Kendra Holliday (Formerly TBK) Show notes: Buy the Nexus Maximus, our favorite dual

Direct download: swingset019.mp3
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In Ep 18, we invite two new friends onto the swingset for our discussion of the blurred line between polyamory and swinging. In this discussion we attempt to define the two terms and then break down our own definitions, we expand further with how we relate to friends and lovers. On this show: Cooper, Ginger,

Direct download: swingset018.mp3
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In Ep 17, we bring it around with an all guys show for the final installment of our four part Lost Weekendesque bender, separating the girls and the guys and running them through a gauntlet of questions about swinging. For this episode, the guys, led by Cooper, answer questions put to them by the girls.  Up for

Direct download: swingset017.mp3
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In Ep 16, we switch things up with an all girls show for the back half of our four part Lost Weekendesque bender, separating the girls and the guys and running them through a gauntlet of questions about swinging. For this episode, the girls, led by Ginger, answer questions put to them by the guys.  Up for

Direct download: swingset016.mp3
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In Ep 15, we continue our four part Lost Weekendesque bender, separating the girls and the guys and running them through a gauntlet of questions about swinging. In the first two parts, the girls and guys answer the same questions and we jump back and forth between them. Up for discussion in this episode: "What are

Direct download: swingset015.mp3
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In Ep 14, we begin our four part Lost Weekendesque bender, separating the girls and the guys and running them through a gauntlet of questions about swinging. In the first two parts, the girls and guys answer the same questions and we jump back and forth between them. Up for discussion in this episode: "When

Direct download: swingset014.mp3
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In Ep 13, we discuss number dynamics in swing environments, from threesomes, to foursomes, to orgies. Sasha extols the virtues of odd numbers and the big pile, and Dylan discusses the house he wants to buy in a swinger friendly neighborhood, his greed knows no bounds, wanting a 10 seater hot tub. On this show: Cooper, Sasha,

Direct download: swingset013.mp3
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In Ep 12 we talk about pressure, and how pressuring encounters can be as swingers. The first half of our show focuses primarily on male pressure to perform and erectile dysfunction, in the back half we talk about pressure to move beyond your comfort zone, pressure to not use protection and many other things, and

Direct download: swingset012.mp3
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In Ep 11, we discuss the ins and outs of bediquette when it comes to bringing other sexy folk into your bedroom for playtime. We also introduce the newest member of the Swingset family, Ginger!

Direct download: swingset011.mp3
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Sex Is Fun, the best sex podcast out there, interviews Dylan and Cooper to discuss swinging in a very enjoyable interview. Check it out!

Direct download: swingset-sp-sexisfun.mp3
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