Life on the Swingset - The Swinging & Polyamory Podcast

In Ep 11, we discuss the ins and outs of bediquette when it comes to bringing other sexy folk into your bedroom for playtime. We also introduce the newest member of the Swingset family, Ginger!

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Sex Is Fun, the best sex podcast out there, interviews Dylan and Cooper to discuss swinging in a very enjoyable interview. Check it out!

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In Episode 10 of Life on the Swingset the cast is naked! Not that it matters, because you can't see them. But just think of their sexy naked bodies....This episode is about being naked and all that goes with it, the nervousness and fun, the excitement and panic, the boys say that any size boobs are great, and Sasha bucks the trend and says size does matter with penises

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In Episode 9 of Life on the Swingset, we discuss attending a swinger party, Kylie admits her nervousness about them and asks questions, and Sasha proves herself to be a swing party guru and gives her hostessing tips. There's strapon play, stadium seating and more in this episode. On this show: Cooper, Sasha, Dylan, &

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In Episode 8 of Life on the Swingset, we discuss three major swinger dating websites, Adult Friend Finder, Swing Lifestyle, and our personal favorite, and Lifestyle Lounge. We discuss how to decide which site is right for you (despite being biased), how to build a profile, start your search, add pictures and have a great time with online swinger dating. Cooper also talks about using to buy condoms

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In Episode 7, we discuss the difficulties inherent in finding a four way connection between two couples, how taking one for the team and playing with someone you're not interested in can do more harm than good, and going on solo dates.  Cooper also discusses a magical pill he took at his birthday party. On

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In Episode 6, the team discusses the importance of having rules in the swinging lifestyle, what's allowed and what isn't, what needs to be discussed beforehand and what doesn't.  We also talk about what to do when rules are broken, and how to decide you need new rules or have outgrown the old. On this

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In Episode 5, we talk about the two major terms in the swinging community, soft swap (play but no intercourse with the opposite partner) or full (everybody gets laid) and discuss the complexities in defining each, and the pros and cons.  Sasha also talks about her new website: On this show: Cooper, Sasha, Dylan, &

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In Episode 4, we discuss compersion, the term that finds you experiencing pleasure because your partner is experiencing pleasure, versus jealousy, a term we all know. The Swingset gang discusses how to overcome jealousy in many situations, all striving for that nirvana called compersion

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In episode 3 we discuss the sad state of affairs American conciousness is at regarding sexuality, from the RNC's new lesbian-bondage-strippergate, to sex ed, to the pros and cons of staying in the closet as swingers, to sex toys, and the fact that everybody's really just jealous.

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In our second episode, we continue our logistics of getting into the lifestyle with a look at finding friends and admitting to them and yourself that you want to...well...have sex with them. We discuss first dates, where to go and most importantly how to be safe when opening yourself up

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In our first podcast we discuss the very beginnings of what to do when you think you may want to have an open relationship. We talk in detail about dealing with that idea yourself and deciding if opening up is right for you. We also deal with the first stages of discussing this with your

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