Life on the Swingset - The Swinging & Polyamory Podcast

Sex Is Fun, the best sex podcast out there, interviews Dylan and Cooper to discuss swinging in a very enjoyable interview. Check it out!

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In Episode 10 of Life on the Swingset the cast is naked! Not that it matters, because you can't see them. But just think of their sexy naked bodies....This episode is about being naked and all that goes with it, the nervousness and fun, the excitement and panic, the boys say that any size boobs are great, and Sasha bucks the trend and says size does matter with penises

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In Episode 9 of Life on the Swingset, we discuss attending a swinger party, Kylie admits her nervousness about them and asks questions, and Sasha proves herself to be a swing party guru and gives her hostessing tips. There's strapon play, stadium seating and more in this episode. On this show: Cooper, Sasha, Dylan, &

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