Life on the Swingset - The Swinging & Polyamory Podcast (podcast)

Ginger sits down with Cooper for a one-on-one discussion of his new novel about swinging A Life Less Monogamous, recorded just days before the book launch. After they chat for a while, Cooper shares the first two chapters of the novel's upcoming audiobook version narrated by himself and Kat Stark.

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The Novel's Synopsis:

We all come to a point in our lives where we finally ask the ever-looming question, “Is this all there is?” And most of us coast along afterwards, just accepting that the answer to that question is probably, “Yes, this is it.” Sometimes, though, we’re lucky. Sometimes we run into the right people at the right time.

Ryan and Jennifer are at that point in their marriage, asking that question. Luckily, tonight at a friend’s holiday party, they’re about to run into those very right people at exactly the right time. Bruce and Paige have successfully crossed the Rubicon into the realm of “what else there is.” They’ve discovered delights and a way of living that Ryan and Jennifer have only ever dreamed about.

Their secret? Bruce and Paige are swingers. And very soon now, thanks to a chance meeting and a new friendship, Ryan and Jennifer will close their eyes, clasp hands, and jump into the deep end of life, exploring the untold wonders of sexuality. Hedonistic pleasures that they can’t even fathom yet, threesomes and sex parties and a deep connection with friends and with each other. The swinging lifestyle.

Today is the day they proclaim: “There is more.” Today is the day they change their lives. 

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We invite Dylan Ryan to join us for a conversation about Gender Play, fluidity, partner preferences, and gender dynamics. We look at strap-on play, sissification, power exchanges, efforts at education, and all in all... how much fun you can have fucking your partners while wearing a set of frilly panties.


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Dylan Ryan appears to have temporarily gone offline, we will post hard links as soon as they come back. and QueerPorn.TV have large amounts of hot gender fluid porn, including titles starring Dylan Ryan!

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We all had unique experiences at CatalystCon East, we met different people, attended different sessions, kissed different boys, assembled different blanket forts, and... occasionally we all got in the hot tub together, sat in the lounge together, and you know... gave our presentation. We spend the time chatting about all that stuff with a little touch of lament at the end for what could have been if for not being limited to sixty minutes.

Boy, it sure is a good thing we don't have to worry about that here, right?




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We brought Miko Technogeisha on for a discussion on our own personal kinks, and... ended up derailed when Dylan inevitably decided to use Ginger's bedroom habits for his own personal scene. Upon attempting to get back on track Cooper sets up a second scene involving some fictional magical characters at a fictional wizardry school and...  Ginger steps out for a few!

After the break we go into what it can feel like for a "less kinky" person to encounter a "very kinky" person and all around just chat about how much fun it can be,

to be kinky.


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After Shira tells us a bizarre story of having her upper lip devoured by a creeper at a club, Cooper talks about falling in love. This leads to a discussion on his developing confidence, and then to the broader topic of how to be confident, how to build it, and how to wield it.



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We finish our debrief from our experience at Open SF Non-Monogamy Conference. We discuss seminars we attended, Dylan laments falling asleep, Cooper explains how The Brown Eyed Girl took them all out for a spin around town and how he learned to ask for what he wants, we break in the middle for a little discussion on companies who take public stances on issues, and we end with a farewell lunch on Monday with Pepper Mint.

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The gang begins their full debrief from the Open SF Non-Monogamy conference. Cooper experiences both Dom and sub play in a single night, and processes his feelings on Domination, humiliation, choking, as well as being flogged, spanked, and fondled. Dylan holds court and plays Cards Against Humanity with friends. Ginger and the Prof discover the fuck monster at the Pink Play Party. Shira brings a two boys to their first play party.

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Pepper Mint discusses Sex Positive Classes, Conferences, and hosting OpenSF on this episode of Life on the Swingset, The Podcast!

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We go back to basics in the first of our Swinging For Dummies episodes. But first, returning friend The Professor tells us about Ginger's panty-less New Years Eve celebration. We talk about the moment when we realized we were non-monogamous and how we dealt with that paradigm shift, how it impacted our perception of ourselves, and where we take that. We talk about cheating and deception while trying to be monogamous. We discuss the impact of monogamy on bisexuality, the complexity of polyamory, and how to begin.

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Dylan and Cooper return to Couple's Playhouse, a swing club in the suburbs of Chicago for part two of their discussion and description of their first trip to a swingers club. Shira and Ginger add their own thoughts about swing clubs and other kink friendly clubs. Cooper talks about how odd it is to wander around nude with an erection, and Dylan continues his epic flirt

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