Life on the Swingset - The Swinging & Polyamory Podcast

After a spirited reading of the suggested uses for the Hitachi Magic Wand, Cooper claims to be the Steward of Gondor, and Dylan and Cooper describe their swing party that went bad.

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After Cooper talks about kissing a boy for the first time, the crew answers voicemails about dealing with penis size concerns while swinging, anal sex play for bi males, reactions to pregnant swingers in a party situation, and our biggest surprises in our time as non-monogamous folk.

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We continue our discussion with poly activist and organizer Pepper Mint, but first Cooper and Dylan blow a "fight" over the word queer out of proportion. We discuss eroticizing jealousy, Ginger gets hot over the idea of "straddling the line," Pepper discusses polyamory and gay men. Cooper becomes militant about coming out and rails against the forces of "old and evil." And of course, we all get silly many times.

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