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Flirting is perhaps the most important aspect of beginning any romantic and sexual relationship. As Swingers you really need to be on top of your flirting. Since we meet so many people in non-monogamy, how do we know when to start flirting, and how do we make it work for us? We're including this as an unofficial companion to our "Swinging for Dummies" series since it just feels right, so take a listen and hear about how to get new interactions going, with the flirt, and with our friend Reid Mihalko!

Also... for what the defintion of "is" is...

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Cooper does a one man show Primer on Swinging recorded live at <a href="">The Pleasure Chest in Chicago</a>. All audience questions have been replaced by the dulcet tones of our own Dylan Thomas for their protection, and also for the amusement of our listeners.


Class description:

"Cooper Beckett, from the podcast Life on the Swingset, takes you through the common peaks and valleys of beginning swinging, covering jealousy, safer sex practices, communication and more. Whether you're brand new to swinging, been doing it for years, or just fascinated by the idea, there's something here for everyone."

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When as adults we don't know what's going on with our sexuality, it can most often be chalked up to a lack of education. Education about risk, sure, but also education about the awesome things sex can bring. One woman looking to combat in a big way this lack of education is Megan Andelloux who speaks on an amazing variety of sexuality related topics at colleges across the nation.

We discuss abstinence only education, glbtq awareness, sexual fluidity and identity, safer and risk aware sex, and the perils of teaching newly minted adults about the basics of biology and orgasm.


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We still tend to treat the single male swinger as a problem, a pariah, when we host parties we wonder how to limit unpartnered male responses, we tense up at larger events where the male to female ratio may be wildly unbalanced, we are constantly on the lookout for the creep, the man who doesn't take no well, the recluse.


But really. What the fuck?


We're all just people, and we all just like to fuck, and when it comes down to it, we all know single men that have brought great joy, and great orgasms to many of ours or our partners' lives and really... that's what matters.


We take some time to deconstruct the single male swinger.

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