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Life on the Swingset returns to CatalystCon West for a live podcast about group sex

You know that one thing you can do outside monogamy that you can’t do within? You can have group sex. That’s right, many people getting naked and sexy together. That’s how the non-monogamous do. So today, for our very first live podcast (which is only a mild distinction from panel) we are talking about that whole thing that makes us different than the monos, group sex.

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Life on the Swingset returns to CatalystCon West for a panel discussion about throwing and attending a play party.

They’re whispered about, opinions are drawn, expectations are high for both attendees and non. The sex party, the play party, the swinger party, call it what you will, to anyone who’s never been to one they conjure up visions of hedonistic abandon, or deeply creepy masked affairs. With so many people looking to explore their sexuality and needing a safe place to do so, play parties have value far beyond a whole bunch of naked people in a room. They can educate as well as titillate. So that's what we're here to talk about today.

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Emotional scars, physical scars, both can wreak havoc on your emotional state and body image, especially when you feel different than before. Earlier this year Ginger took a hiatus from the Swingset for a body change, and tonight we're talking about why.


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The two most non-"how do I start swinging" questions we get on the Swingset is how do you organize your sex toys and how do you travel with sex toy, so we go in depth with advice and suggestions on what to do with your growing piles of sexy at your own house and on the road.

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