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Hey fellow men... Dylan here. I want to take a moment to express a little sympathy. It can be incredibly hard out there to be a man. We're living in an age inspired by the speed of the internet. Our goalposts of acceptability and common respectability on social issues and on how we relate to others in the world change what seems like weekly at times. Our perception of our gender as a responsibility hasn't kept up with the evolution of gender as identity and of sexuality as more fluid than we were ever told was possible.

We are being forced to resolve the changes in the world with what we think of as our masculine role, equality means a shift in power, equity means a shift in resources, and the things we've always been taught to be afraid of are popping up all around us.

It doesn't mean we have to be dicks about all of it.



Coop and I spent the last hour talking a lot about how women experience harassment and navigate rape culture and I'm 100% conscious about how a couple of dudes talking about women can come off... but out of 241 episodes... I thought we could take a little time to sit down with our fellow men and level.

Women largely get ignored by men and it sucks. Nothing Cooper and I said should be eye-popping or a surprise but... I guarantee we might have turned a few of your heads or noses while we chatted, gender notwithstanding and I'm hoping that some of that coming from us might make it more likely for some of you to help others listen to women.
The women of the Swingset are putting together an episode (or two) to discuss topics from this episode... and probably point out how a couple dudes talking about women's experiences got it wrong. That's ok, we'll own that. Until that comes out I wanted to put a spotlight on a few people.
Writer and Filmmaker De La Fro posted an article titled "No, You Are Not a Nice Guy" that really disassembles the male entitlement / transactional nature of what some guys call "being a nice guy"
There are some damn wonderful people on and I found a three minute spoken word piece by contributor Desiree Dallagiacomo and Mwende Katwiwa aka: FreeQuency titled "American Rape Culture" that illustrates just how insidious the language of rape culture has been in popular music.
Our own Crista Anne, our rainbow-colored pleasure revolutionary, through her mission to reclaim her orgasms ended up enduring an intense and sustained amount of harassment for daring to speak loudly and unapologetically. She writes about that harassment at
Ella Dawson has dared to write and speak about her experiences navigating sexuality with herpes and how as a result of that she's also endured sustained harassment. She posted an article, "Everything 2015 Taught Me About Harassment" that really puts a fine point on it.
We spend a lot of time on the Swingset breaking out our experiences so you can learn from the journey. We aren't filtering what we're going through and neither are these women and there's value in it. They're unapologetic, they're strong, they deserve to be listened to. That they're speaking uncomfortable truths and they're laying the raw filth of mysogyny out for all of us to see. It doesn't make it complaining... it makes it necessary
You know you can always write us at and leave us a voicemail at 573-55-swing, that's 573-557-9464.

We introduced today's fireside man-chat with Varien - Seduction.

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As a well known hypochondriac and germophobe who'd just as soon wrap his entire body in the Titan Full Body Condoms from The Naked Gun if only they sold them at The Lucky Bloke, It's no surprise that Cooper thinks a lot about eroticizing safer sex. Thinking about it, talking about it, trying really hard to do it, it’s all there. On Swingset’s 2015 desire trip, Cooper sat next to The Doctor, no, not THAT Doctor, though he did feel an urge to let this sexy man take him on adventures. They knew too much about STIs and often scared themselves silly.

You can find The Doctor on twitter @Sexxypixie. Rawr.

Cooper mentioned the Sex MythBusters’ video, Sex Myth #2: The Oral Sex Aficionado.

Today’s episode featured Haywyre’s tracks, Moment, Dichotomy (Soft Mix), and The Schism, off of his Two Fold Pt. 1 and Two Fold Pt. 2 albums. We also continued to use Stephen Walking - Claptrap because… well it’s everywhere we want it to be. Like Uberlube.

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Ginger sits down with Cooper for a one-on-one discussion of his new novel about swinging A Life Less Monogamous, recorded just days before the book launch. After they chat for a while, Cooper shares the first two chapters of the novel's upcoming audiobook version narrated by himself and Kat Stark.

You can buy the book now RIGHT HERE at - use promo code SWINGSET at checkout to save 10%!

The Novel's Synopsis:

We all come to a point in our lives where we finally ask the ever-looming question, “Is this all there is?” And most of us coast along afterwards, just accepting that the answer to that question is probably, “Yes, this is it.” Sometimes, though, we’re lucky. Sometimes we run into the right people at the right time.

Ryan and Jennifer are at that point in their marriage, asking that question. Luckily, tonight at a friend’s holiday party, they’re about to run into those very right people at exactly the right time. Bruce and Paige have successfully crossed the Rubicon into the realm of “what else there is.” They’ve discovered delights and a way of living that Ryan and Jennifer have only ever dreamed about.

Their secret? Bruce and Paige are swingers. And very soon now, thanks to a chance meeting and a new friendship, Ryan and Jennifer will close their eyes, clasp hands, and jump into the deep end of life, exploring the untold wonders of sexuality. Hedonistic pleasures that they can’t even fathom yet, threesomes and sex parties and a deep connection with friends and with each other. The swinging lifestyle.

Today is the day they proclaim: “There is more.” Today is the day they change their lives. 

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One finger, two finger, three finger, four...sometimes even that's not enough and you need to go the full five. To fisting! Huzzah! Tonight we're joined by the amazing Andre Shakti to talk about fisting, best practices, intensity, and what it's like to have a full hand inside you.

You can find Andre Shakti at and on twitter @AndreShakti.

Andre mentioned Sassy by Sliquid water based anal gel lubricant and Swiss Navy Silicon lubricant.

This episode we featured Sock Puppet by Sticky Biscuits! They have a new song out, Ungooglable You!

We also featured Volant - Full Circle in our intro, Stephen Walking - Claptrap during our between commercial outtakes, and Haywyre - Do You Don’t You in our outro and after episode outtakes.

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