Life on the Swingset - The Swinging & Polyamory Podcast

In this show, we talk about one of our favorite subjects... ourselves!

We've been steadily evolving and felt like keeping all of you up-to-date on where are we going, why we're moving in that direction, all while throwing in a bit of misdirection with Metroid and Mega Man to keep you guessing. We address two listener questions / comments and all in all have a good time sharing our lives with each other.

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After a detour involving Prof Stephen Hawking's time spent at a sex club, we discuss new swingers, polyamorists, and non-monogamists. Cooper and Dylan both profess their affection with newbies, while Shira and Ginger confess they make them nervous. After the break we talk about our own experiences being newbies, and get sidetracked again by a discussion of Classic Chicago Commercials. Cooper closes the show by reviewing Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Pegging.

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Dylan launches a custom sexy talk service. We discuss the ethics and reasoning behind wanting or not wanting to date someone you're mentoring. Cooper and Dylan both want to fuck all their friends. We discuss what chemistry means to us all, the surprise of a chemistry blindside, and the difficulty of getting four way chemistry in swinging dating. Cooper reviews the Nexus Revo.

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