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Foreplay... it's what we sometimes don't have time for, but apparently what we all desperately want more of! Whether it's giving, receiving, taking hours, or taking a few minutes, we take the time to discuss what we like, why we like it, what we do for other people and why we do for other people and figure out that sometimes all a situation can be -is- foreplay.

Ginger reveals her secret mutant ability, the stealthy surprise orgasm and Shira reveals she's only recently gotten into receiving foreplay.


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We explore cultivating relationships from both the swinging perspective and polyamorous perspective. Ginger feels ready to get out there and meet some women to date. Cooper has an important (and easy) relationship discussion with his girlfriend about their involvement level and expanding his dating. Time is a very important factor, as is relationship structuring, but it can be hard going in with very low expectations. Google Calendar again emerges as the cornerstone of non-monogamy. Shira talks about how poly relationships interact with her family. We round it out with a discussion of time management, and how different swinging and poly are in the disclosure realm. 

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The Pick-up, we discuss vanilla pick-up culture briefly while moving into how to be picked up, how to message people online, and meeting people in real life. The concept of a codex, or a user manual (RTFM!) for potential hookups and dating partners to use comes up and we spend a lot of time figuring out what goes into it and what it actually means.

While we lose a Ginger this episode, we pick up a Cunning Minx and have a great time!


Minx's User Manual

Cunning Minx on Twitter

Polyamory Weekly

Join the Swingset crew at Desire Resort & Spa from November 3-10, 2012!


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