Life on the Swingset - The Swinging & Polyamory Podcast

Adult film star, author, sex educator, outspoken feminist and advocate for sexual acceptance Nina Hartley joins and honors us with a conversation on the Swingset.

Nina was a pioneer of sex positivity before sex positivity was a thing. A prolific performer, an outspoken feminist and an advocate for sexual acceptance (as a board member of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance), Nina is the sexual freedom fighter we all admire. We are deeply honored to welcome her onto the Swingset.

After Nina leaves, Dylan responds to an email we received regarding our latest Bedcast by both acknowledging our own failings and by shining light on the absurdity of claiming lack of responsibility through silence and complacency.

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Vacations. Aren't they great? But you know what's better? SEXY VACATIONS. The kind where you can be naked and flirt all day and have sex all night. Or maybe you decide on an afternoon delight. Of course, on vacation, you have time for all of the above! For those who've never been on a sexy vacation, they can also be intimidating and scary. For our ninth Swinging for Dummies episode we, enthusiastic advocates of the sexy vacation, share what we have learned so that your next sexy vacation is everything you want it to be and more. That's tonight on Life on the Swingset the podcast.


Tonight's episode is sponsored by our good friends at, which is where you should be going for your porn!

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Adult film star and filmmaker jessica drake has seen the porn industry through some of its most radical and affecting changes, and has moved herself from star to writer to educator with her jessica drake's Guide to Wicked Sex Series. Tonight she's joining us to discuss this evolution of an industry. We chat about how the industry deals with the double edged sword of the Internet, the difference between porn as entertainment and porn as education, cyber bullying, and we giggled about sitting on the floor crosslegged.

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Way back in 2011 Life on the Swingset issued a pleasure quest. Find a quality ejaculating dildo. Over the years, we did NOT find quality dildos, we DID find Miko, though, so it was a win over all. Tonight we have Steph Berman with us, creator of The Semenette, the best ejaculating dildo I've ever seen, to talk with us about simulacrum genitals.

We spoke at length about the original mission of The Semenette, to provide a way for partners to conceive and still connect in a sexy and fun way, and opened up to possibilities of users and partners playing in safe and non procreative ways; pegging, cum play, new ways for those with erectile dysfunction to still experience the pleasure of ejaculating on and in someone... it's a very versatile dildo.

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