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Ginger and Cooper continue to gang bang that mailbag!

Tonight we answer questions about being given the go ahead to be open and then having it revoked, what it's like to be an introvert at a swing club, if voyeurism is allowed at clubs, difficulties playing separately, and transitioning from a swing relationship to a poly relationship.

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Jealousy pops up everywhere in our lives -- at work, at home, and in romantic relationships. It can range from slight twinges to full-blown outbursts. No one likes feeling jealous, but it can be hard to avoid when you're in an alternative relationship.

The Multiamory crew has gotten intimately acquainted with jealousy many times, and in this episode we share with you five tactics for turning your jealousy dragon into a cute little shoulder lizard. (That's a thing, right?)

More great info on breaking negative or jealous thought patterns here:

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We're scaling back a little at The Swingset to allow ourselves to take some needed rest. This has caused Dylan to go off to The Dakotas to hunt mastodon. Meanwhile, Ginger and Cooper hold down the fort, debating whether or not two people can in fact gang bang a mailbag.

Tonight we answer questions about bisexual exploration as men and women, bi invisibility, the one penis policy, what happens when you can't stand a partner's playmate, non-monogamy from infidelity, and how to find that great parallel poly couple.

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"Pegging Enthusiast" isn't just Cooper's motto... it's his mission statement. One of the most specific sex acts, named in a contest by Dan Savage's Savage Love Readers, pegging is when a woman wearing a strap-on fucks a man in the ass. We've talked about it off and on over the years, always couched in the broader topic of anal play, but tonight we're going to give it its due. There's only one person who can be called master on this subject. The progenitor of the Pegging Paradise podcast, Ruby Ryder is here to talk about it with us.

We mentioned we preferred the following equipment while discussing pegging:

Tantus Hoss Dildo

Fuze Harmony Black Silicone Dildo

SpareParts Deuce Male Harness

SpareParts Joque Harness

SpareParts Sasha Lingerie Harness - Midnight Black

inJoyUs Strapless System

Aslan Leather Minx Asian Leather Jaguar

Ruby Ryder gave a Pegging 101 class for Not Safe with Nikki Glaser. Ruby also mentioned that Midori makes a mean scarf harness, here's a (NSFW) infographic on how to do it yourself! Ruby wrote an article for Tantus about the Truth about Strapless Strap-Ons.

The Swinger Doc discussed a listener question taking viagra as a woman for orgasm assistance! You can send him your questions on twitter @TheSwingerDoc or call 573-55-SWING, that's 573-55-9464.

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