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In the wake of both Fetlife and Adult Friend Finder getting their content and naughty secrets scraped and posted online, there has been a renewed discussion about secrecy and privacy in swinging & polyamory. Katie Mack joins us to discuss these topics and think about what it means to be secretive, how it relates to our own private closets and give you suggestions on maintaining your cone of privacy in the modern Internet age. Social networks, dating & swinging sites, privacy v. secrecy, photos, (more) secure payment methods, burner phones and email accounts are all on the table.

Here’s a Krebs on Security article on recent breaches. Here’s an article addressing the AdultFriendFinder breach.

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Welcome to our 21st Gang Bang the Mailbag! As always, if you want to ask a question via voicemail or text: 573-55-SWING, that's 573-557-9464, or send us an email at contact@lifeontheswingset.comAs always we want to remind those of you at home to tweet along with us at #sspodcast

We address a “The Professor” callout from a listener on the definition of monogamy, a listener looking for advice on an MFM in Tokyo, large age differences between partners in swinging, a listener whose wife kind of wants out of non-monogamy, and the trials and tribulations of being with a partner who has two left sexual feet.

Cooper also throws out there that a great name for a new band would be Suburbanesque World of Heteronormative Privilege.

Also from Dylan:



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Believe it or not, our voicemail gang bang overflowed and we were left with extra voicemails. With that in mind, we've collected some listener emails to do our twentieth mailbag gangbang! As always, if you want to ask a question via voicemail or text: 573-55-SWING, that's 573-557-9464, or send us an email at All questions have been edited to fit in the space allowed.

We discuss meeting opposite partners before private dates, expectations and consent, making the first move at clubs, soft swapping with single males and solidifying rules as newbies as well as getting over boundary violations.

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Holy Shit Shira B. Katz is here! … and she’s causing trouble! … and she starts a wonderful conversation with Ginger about mindfulness! ….and she asks what we’ve been doing with our lives and we update her with an episode almost entirely about “our business” which included the introduction of the term relationship anarchy.

It was a pleasure and we hope it happens again. J

…also “dumping with Dylan” may become a thing now. And I guess “Just the Tip with Dylan Thomas”.




We reference Headspace (the website that apparently treats your head right) and Dr. Dan Siegel’s book Mindsight

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