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Handjobs and Fingering! 

Now that we have your attention, we want everyone to remember that there's lots of pleasure to be hand through the wonders of the partnered manual stimulation of someone's genitals with fingers! Now that you're obviously terribly turned on, take a listen and you'll hear us setting a solid definition of what counts as a handjob and a discussion on different terms and euphemisms for it, talking about how to give and receive risk aware handjobs, and talk about why we'd even bother giving handjobs when we can put penises in peoples' vaginas!

Pay extra attention, Ginger and Dylan give particularly... "riveting" instructions on how to approach playing with women and their vulvas. It's good stuff.

Dylan also realizes he's been confusing edging with edge play... He also confuses "hominem" with "onomatopoeia" so please excuse him.

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We took and answered a question about erections, specifically that even after obtaining a prescription for viagra that a gentlemen still experiences trouble while swinging and that it's resulted in less return couples than he and his wife are happy with; Ginger is a big fan of people getting what they need, Cooper and Dylan relay their experiences and strategies about expectations and Miko really just lays down the law and says "it doesn't matter". We continue on with a conversation about gossip and cliques forming in a previously sexy and fun private online swinging group, dealing with high school level drama where Ginger suggests strongly stepping up as a leader and rebuilding the group with an ethos of inclusion. We close with a conversation about attraction and body types at a swing club, with Dylan chiming in about bodies being conduits to pleasure.

We also call out Lady Cheeky for execution of the longest and most successful sustained campaign against the Swingset's concentration and ability to podcast ever, including highlights such as #madtitties and flirting with Dylan. You can also find her at

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Today we stick all our collective hands into our mailbag and pull your questions out! We're back for our twelve attempt at Gang Banging the Mailbag!

We tackle questions about the black ring right handmovement, about discovering people you work with on swinger sites, on playing spontaneously with STIs, on attempting to open up after cheating, on judging people based on looks, and on swinging as a single male. Enjoy!

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Today, we discuss double penetration, double vaginal penetration, and double anal penetration, and not just the acts themselves. The act of any sort of double penetration requires thoughtfulness, planning, collaboration, communication, really just enhanced versions of all the skills we learned via trial by fire while finding our own ways into non-monogamy. As DP really is "professional grade" fucking we break it down into the basics, positions, risk-aware practices and being mindful of condom on condom friction, maintaining sufficient erections, being comfortable touching cocks, and we move onto how great it feels and how in the moment it can be easy to lose focus.

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