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The past two episodes have been live recordings in front of an audience of folks anxious to listen to us talk about non-monogamy and swinging. Our “toury-ness” has brought us to San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Milwaukee. On the road we’ve learned about our audience, we’ve learned about ourselves. Tonight on Life on the Swingset, the podcast, we talk about what it has taught us, why we continue to meet, and the importance and risks associated with gathering with fellow sex geeks and educators. We also spend some time reconnecting since, in the world of cons and presentations, time flies right by.

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A Primer on Swinging:
How to Meet, Have Sexy Times, & Otherwise Enjoy Your Friends and Neighbors

Cooper and Dylan, co-hosts of Life on the Swingset the podcast, take you through the common peaks and valleys of beginning swinging, from the moment that voice in your head tells you that you're different, to when you're setting up that gang-bang for your fiancee's birthday. They cover jealousy, safer sex practices, communication with your partner and playmates, and delve deeper into the whys of this thing called swing. Whether you're brand new to swinging, been doing it for years, or just fascinated by the idea, there's something here for everyone.

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Our Swinging for Dummies series includes episodes 59, 60, 62, 63, and 130.

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Our second trip to CatalystCon in 2013 yeilded our best audience yet, and our most cohesive discussion on what Progressive Swinging truly means. We discuss the importance of community, coming out if you can, safety, and fun, as well as learning about yourself and your partner(s).

From the Catalyst Con program

Sex with Benefits: Progressive Swinging
Cooper BeckettGinger BenthamDylan ThomasShira B. Katz

No longer content to be the pervy cousin of “more enlightened” forms of non-monogamy, swingers all around the world are redefining what ethical non-monogamy means to them. As the cultural footprint of non-monogamy grows, swingers are opening themselves up beyond the former key parties and “wife swapping” and finding themselves with wonderful benefits: relationships. Swingers everywhere are asking for “friends first” and “no one night stands,” developing relationships that offer comfort, community, safety, and validation. This practice of allowing and embracing deeper emotional connections among playmates has become a phenomenon that has landed progressive swinging somewhere between the swinger sex club score and long-term polyamorous relationships. Cooper, Ginger, Dylan, & Shira from Life on the Swingset discuss taking back the term swinging, and growth toward the sexiest of futures.

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Just chaos. 

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