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Sex is awesome.

We’re all on board with that, right?

Beyond the act, er, acts, for many of us (in fact I’d wager a large percentage of our listeners) getting information about sex carries with it its own form of titillation and enjoyment. That’s the purview of the sex geek. Tonight we’re lucky enough to be joined by Kate McCombs who has turned geeking out about sex into an art form, and into her life.

In business, we touched on Kiss a Ginger day and on Technogeisha and Dylan heading to Catalyst East from March 14-16 to be fan boys and fan girls.

Also, if you must know... here is information on echidna penis.

[technical note] from Dylan: We have both a very simple process for recording our podcasts (Skype), and a slightly more complicated process (individual audio streams recorded locally) to give us better audio and to eliminate single points of failure resulting in the total loss of an episode. During the record of this episode we experience two failures significant enough that the release audio quality is not up to par, we ended up with two local audio feeds that had significant amounts of noise and feedback and had an audio feed send audio right back into the skype stream resulting in a rougher than usual sounding episode. I apologize for the audio in some parts and I'm doing my best to make sure it doesn't happen again.[/technical note]


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