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Whether you had to find a mirror to see yours or you could just look down and not miss it, we've all had first encounters with our bits, you know, our genitals. In a culture that espouses a specific body ideal, we can't escape wondering if even our most private parts hold up by comparison. Bodies are amazing because of diversity not despite it. In this episode, Cooper, Ginger, Dylan and Katie Mack discuss how body positivity wins the day.

To SheVibe: Thank you! Your magazine cover is … without too much hyperbole… possibly the greatest thing that has ever happened. It’s amazing and we will show our appreciation at every opportunity. We dedicate this episode to you.

We discuss a couple email responses to the following letters (warning: politics ahead):

Cooper... Cooper... Cooper... I'm disappointed. I listen to your podcast regularly and am a fan. But as a Kinkster/swinger/conservative I have to say I was saddened by your recent spewing of vitriol towards anyone who doesn't believe as you believe.

For background.... I am a straight, polyamorous, loving dominant male. I was raised with 4 sisters by parents that instilled common courtesy and respect. From the day I started studying about alternative lifestyles, I was repeatedly reminded that "My kink is not your kink". I understood that as a clear directive to not be derisive towards another's proclivities. As long as it was safe sane and consensual, more power to them. I may not know all the intricacies of their dynamic and it wasn't my job to pass judgement. I had hoped for the same kind of inclusion and acceptance from your podcast. Your dismissive attitude towards Christians and republicans was quite disconcerting. Your right to be an Atheist does not preclude another from believing in the "fairy tales" they hold dear. Your right to vote based on a woman's choice of what to do with their body does not preclude another from believing that bigger government will NOT ensure the rights of the individual are protected and/or provided for. With the history of Conrail, the Postal Service and Veterans Hospitals as examples, I'm more convinced than ever that the answer lies in the community rather than a larger ineffective centralized governments control.

I'm sure you don't want to hear my political leanings any more than I want to hear about your epic prostate orgasm. That being said, I would never denigrate you for your kink or political affiliations.

And to Dylan:

Just finished LotSS 220, and I wanted to write in with a comment on Dylan's suggestion for a family-friendly sexy vacation destination.

While he's anxiously waiting for Disney Cruise Lines to launch their Multi-Tier Mascot Mediterranean Fuckboat, his suggestion of a build-your-own vacation is workable, with one caveat; expecting a gathering of children to make it through the night without finding -something- they think they need an adult for, especially when it's super important that they stay away, is utter folly, no matter how much you pay the kids who are ostensibly in charge. But this is a problem that can be solved by logistics. If you know you have N couples with children who would be up for a sexy vacation (I am assuming you are on the board of the Homeowners Association to have access to that sort of info) you book your hotel rooms for at least N nights. Each couple then volunteers to watch the kids during one evening while the rest of the party congregates at a room at an entirely different hotel for sexy times. That way, every adult gets at least N-1 opportunities to participate, the kids get N awesome sleepover-like parties, and nobody has to leave their kids under the care of someone they don't trust enough to show their junk to.

Remember, it takes a village to raise an orgy.

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