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It seems to happen like clockwork. Someone cheats, or gets caught in some sort of sex scandal. They have to make amends, show that they're working to fix "the problem" so they can return to their normal lives. While we on the Swingset happen to think that many of their normal lives might've been improved with open and honest conversations about monogamy, so often they fall back to the excuses of "I'm addicted to sex" and failing that, "I'm addicted to porn." It's widespread and it's been propagated by early friend to open sexual discussion Dr. Drew (who has since descended into some sort of madness). Tonight we're thrilled to be joined by clinical psychologist Dr David Ley to discuss the myths of sex and porn addiction. Join Cooper, Dylan, Dirty Lola, Mike Joseph, and Dr. Liz Powell on tonight's panel!

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The Klein Sexual Orientation Grid

Christian C. Joyal & Julie Carpentier's study:
The Prevalence of Paraphilic Interests and Behaviors in the General Population: A Provincial Survey


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