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Hello Swingset Fans and welcome to Desire week on the Swingset! The following podcast was recorded at Desire in November 2016 and features Dr. Liz Powell, Chris aka. Mister Pent, and myself, and it is The Gentleperverts Social Club. If you want to join us in Desire from November 4th to the 11th in 2017, well, hurry up! We are over 50% booked and yes... 51% does count as over 50%. :) So visit for information on pricing and booking and when you do you'll be joining us for our second full takeover of Desire.

While enjoying time at Desire Resort and Spa, we watched, waited, and realized our suffering through the 2016 Election would continue, but we decided to acknowledge the election and move on, for when we returned home we'd have work to do, and there was no work to be done while "stuck in Mexico". So, Chris Pent. Dr. Liz Powell and myself, with Tonia as our willing hostess and facilitator, decided to talk about:


Closing the Deal

Being sexually free means potential surrounds you, but it can be a real challenge to find someone you're attracted to and to ask them to join you in a way that allows for multiple chances for success, and for graceful failures.

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