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Hello Swingset Fans!

We're taking a short break, episode 300 took an immense amount of effort to prepare: From recording -actually live- with an almost hundred person audience to publishing it via an audio and video podcast, to normal scheduling shenanigans... we think it's well deserved.

Cooper's going to take a short break from the Swingset, he deserves it, so we've manned the Swingset Battle Bridge, separated the saucer section, and made plans for the rest of the crew to carry on in the last hostile takeover of the Swingset ever.

While we'll look forward to his return, we've also released a little piece of Swingset history: a transcript of our first episode from 2010 titled "Dipping a Toe In - How to Start Swinging". You can find it at, just ... be gentle, we'd like to think we've grown since then.

In the meantime, thanks for swinging by, and see you next week.



"Studio" Steve Wallace's -Air Man, off the Mega Man 2 album.

Licensed under (CC BY-ND 3.0).

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